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Beatles Men's Denim Jacket

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Beatles Men's Denim Jacket - This Beatles Men's Denim Jacket is waist length, featuring all-metal buttons and flat stitching. Timeless in style, this jacket is as at-home today as it was when The Beatles led British Invasion across America back in the 60's! Can't figure out which Beatles tour jacket you want? No worries, this little beauty features a dizzying collage that includes all their iconic album covers. Blue jean jackets are simply never NOT in style, whether you're taking a stroll down Abbey Road or a plunge in the Yellow Submarine. Officially licensed Beatles merchandise, it's rugged, hip, macho, comfortable and casual. Durable denim just gets more stylish with time and better-looking with wear, making it a staple for your wardrobe, whether you're headed to a concert or just another night out with friends. Your only worry with this jacket is making sure She doesn't steal it from you! Get your Beatles Men's Denim Jacket now .