Calling all Bands!

Introducing the RockMerch Independent Artist Program


RockMerch wants to help you Rock even harder by selling your merchandise to our global audience! Here at RockMerch, we love music so much, we want to help up-and-coming artists thrive! We’ve therefore created an Independent Artist Program to help you promote your band, your music, and your merch!!!

Get more exposure with RockMerch’s Independent Artist Program

There are no costs to join. It’s completely free (Limited Time Offer). When you join RockMerch’s Independent Artist Program, we will allow you to create a band page on our website and we’ll feature it in our RockMerch newsletter and socials where we reach hundreds of thousands of music lovers each month!

Your new webpage will include links to your social media and video pages and a link to your website. Plus get showcased in our weekly RockMerch Live streaming events! But that’s just for starters…

Get a record made and sell it on RockMerch with your band merch!

Don’t have a vinyl record or merch yet? We have your back. As part of our Independent Artist Program, we will help you make connections with awesome vendors like who offer RockMerch Independent Artists 5% off vinyl production and 10% off T-shirts, CDs, and other merch like pins, hats, bags, posters, and more! We can even introduce you to recording engineers and mixers to help your band reach new heights!


Imagine having your band’s vinyl records, t-shirts, stickers, patches, and posters being sold right next to music legends like Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, and Jimi Hendrix!

We’ll help your band expand its reach overseas!

And did we mention that RockMerch has a strong international presence? RockMerch caters to fans worldwide, which means your music and merchandise can reach millions of new fans!

Let’s get started! Join RockMerch’s FREE Independent Artist Program now!

To join RockMerch’s Independent Artists Program, simply email us at the address below:

To sign up, contact us at:

Hurry! Independent artists that sign up straight away will benefit from the earlier recognition.  


NOTE: RockMerch’s Independent Artist Program does NOT take music royalties and is not exclusive. Your music is your music. Our aim here is to offer you and other emerging Independent Artists a marketplace to introduce your music and merch to more music lovers and potential fans around the world.