Beatles Jumbo Vegas Ticket Men's T-Shirt

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Beatles Jumbo Vegas Ticket Mens T-shirt - This is it, you found it! Vegas Ticket T-shirt is the perfect light blue to go with all of your jeans & slacks. Black lettering stands out so your 'fan hood' is noticed and it looks just old enough. The back is a solid light blue. This Beatles Jumbo Vegas men's t-shirt is surely the most unique find ever. The Beatles did two shows in Vegas; the Jumbo Vegas Ticket is from the very first show. The police even got a bomb threat between shows but decided the greatest danger was from thousands of disappointed screaming fans & the 9 p.m. show went on as scheduled. Beatles Jumbo Vegas Ticket men's t-shirt is the one to wear for any outing. It's even a conversation starter (if you really want one) so order your Officially Licensed Beatles Jumbo Vegas Ticket men's t-shirt now!